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Synaptik "The Mechanisms of Consequence" Reissue Brain Spark edition remix

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are really excited to announce the Re-release, Remixed and Remastered version of debut album of prog metal band SYNAPTIK from England.
The album titled "The Mechanisms of Consequence" Reissue Brain Spark edition remix, contains 9 songs in vein of technical Progresive Metal, featuring Alan Tecchio ex Hades and Watchtower as special guest..
The digital release will be available on December 30th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

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FATES WARNING's 'Perfect Symmetry', 'Parallels' Albums To Be Reissued With Bonus Tracks

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 23:00

On January 12, Metal Blade Records will reissue two of FATES WARNING's fan-favorite albums, "Perfect Symmetry" (1989) and "Parallels" (1991), as part of the label's "Originals Series". Featuring new vinyl mastering by Patrick W. Engel, both "Perfect Symmetry" and "Parallels" will be released on vinyl with 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside-out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts. The digipak CDs include poster booklets with five bonus tracks each. "Parallels" "Originals Series" LP reissue * 180g Black Vinyl * wine-red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 300) * clear light salmon col. vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 200) * ochre brown marbled vinyl (US exclusive - ltd. 500) "Perfect Symmetry" "Originals Series" LP reissue * 180g Black Vinyl * white/black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 300) * clear lavender marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 200) * violet blue marbled vinyl (US exclusive - ltd. 500) "Parallels" CD track listing: 01. Leave The Past Behind 02. Life In Still Water 03. Eye To Eye 04. The Eleventh Hour 05. Point Of View 06. We Only Say Goodbye 07. Don't Follow Me 08. The Road Goes On Forever 09. Leave The Past Behind (Demo)* 10. Eye To Eye (Demo)* 11. Eleventh Hour (Demo)* 12. Point Of View (Demo)* 13. Don't Follow Me (Demo)* * Bonus tracks (pre-production demos, mastered by Brad Vance) "Perfect Symmetry" CD track listing: 01. Part Of The Machine 02. Through Different Eyes 03. Static Acts 04. A World Apart 05. At Fate's Hands 06. The Arena 07. Chasing Time 08. Nothing Left To Say 09. Part Of The Machine (Demo)* 10. Through Different Eyes (Demo)* 11. Static Acts (Demo)* 12. The Arena (Demo)* 13. Nothing Left To Say (Demo)* * Bonus tracks (pre-production demos recorded February 1989 at Silver Cloud Recording, Burbank, California)

MANOWAR Recruits Drummer From Brazilian Tribute Band KINGS OF STEEL For 'Final Battle' Tour

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 22:00

Brazilian-born drummer Marcus Castellani made his live debut with MANOWAR last night (Wednesday, November 15) in Norrköpping, Sweden. He joined the band as the replacement for original MANOWAR drummer Donnie Hamzik, who returned to the group in 2010. Castellani, who previously played in the Brazilian MANOWAR tribute band KINGS OF STEEL, said: "I grew up listening to the iconic bands that made metal as we know it today — and of course MANOWAR was one of them. Scott Columbus has been my greatest inspiration; the unique power in his playing and his massive sound were amazing — but, more importantly, he taught me that emotion and the right feeling are equally important components to make a drummer truly outstanding." MANOWAR's "The Final Battle" world tour 2017 will continue with four more performances in Sweden and Norway before heading to Germany, where the band will kick off with two nights in Munich. The New York-based veteran metal act announced in May 2016 that it would call it quits after one last tour, explaining that its most recent trek — "Gods And Kings" — was a groundbreaking moment in the band's career and the group aimed to go out on a high. MANOWAR singer Eric Adams, whose real name is Lou Marullo, spoke about the group's's final trek in a recent interview with "Outdoor Adventures With Jayson". He said: "This is it. We've got one last tour coming up. As far as I know, it starts in November in Scandinavia. And then we head down to Germany in December. I fly home for Christmas around December 18, somewhere in there. And then I don't know where we go after that. But it will continue for a little while after that; I just don't know where yet. So I'm looking forward to that." The 63-year-old singer admitted that it was "kind of a Catch-22 thing" knowing that he would never perform with MANOWAR again. "I'm gonna miss the big stage — of course I am — but all good things have to come to an end at some point," he said. As for his future plans, Adams said: "MANOWAR has decided to call it a day, and who knows what's gonna happen after that? I might continue to sing. I might just grab my bow and get out in the woods a little more often than I did before. But we'll see. The future's still yet to be told." Eric, who describes himself as "a big-time bow hunter," has been a hunting-safety instructor for the state of New York where he teaches new hunters about the game laws in New York. He is also the hunting editor for Texas Fish & Game magazine. MANOWAR's most recent studio effort was 2014's re-recording of the band's 1988 album "Kings Of Metal".

Watch Teaser For PANTERA's Long-Awaited Fourth Home Video

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 21:00

Former PANTERA singer Philip Anselmo has uploaded a teaser for the band's long-awaited fourth home video. He wrote in the accompanying caption on Facebook: "Here's a sneak peak of Pantera Home Video 4 #24yearsold #teaser #pantera #panterahomevideo4 #comingsoon" PANTERA's last home video, titled "3: Watch It Go", was released in 1997 on VHS format through Elektra Records. The set featured over two hours of music videos, concert footage and various backstage clips. "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott's longtime girlfriend Rita Haney told the "Talk Toomey" podcast in a recent interview that the release of PANTERA's fourth home video will depend on the success of the upcoming "Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over" set, which contains video footage of the late PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN guitarist captured between the mid-'80s and his later years. She said: "There's not a market for DVDs anymore, and that's what the industry told us. They passed on [releasing 'Dimevision Vol. 2'], and I had to go to our really good friend Brian Slagel, just to get this going with Metal Blade. So this video is kind of, 'We're gonna prove you wrong. There's still this strong cult following for PANTERA home videos and 'Dimevision'.' So if the people get out and really support this package and go old school and not the digital format… 'cause it's so hard to get clearances for every little thing. That's exactly why the previous PANTERA videos are not out there on iTunes that you can get them, because trying to go back and get all those clearances, it would be so expensive today, there's no way. So we have to go with the old-school format. And if people will support it and show the love and it does well, then that gives us the green light for the next project. So it's really gonna depend on that." Haney added that she has "so much footage" for a possible new PANTERA home video. "'Cause you have to think, after [1994's] 'Far Beyond Driven', there was still, like, four huge two-year tours for the live [album, 1997's 'Official Live: 101 Proof'], [1996's] 'The Great Southern Trendkill', [2000's] 'Reinventing The Steel'… So there is more than enough for more than one volume than four, for sure." "Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over" will be released on November 24 via Metal Blade Records. Pre-orders are available at this location. The DVD/CD set — which will include more raw footage, true gems and classic Dimebag moments — will also contain five previously unreleased demos, picked from a vast catalog Dimebag accrued since Haney gave him his first four-track in 1984. Dimebag was shot and killed by a crazed gunman while performing with DAMAGEPLAN at a Columbus, Ohio rock club in December 2004.

Pantera Home Video 4 Teaser 2

Pantera's Vulgar Video was released on this day, 24 years ago. Here's a sneak peak of Pantera Home Video 4 #24yearsold #teaser #pantera #panterahomevideo4 #comingsoon

Posted by Philip Anselmo on Thursday, November 16, 2017

GUNS N' ROSES Wins 'Top Tour/Top Draw' At BILLBOARD's Touring Awards

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 20:00

GUNS N' ROSES was among the winners at Billboard's annual Touring Awards and conference in Los Angeles Tuesday night (November 15) The band's "Not In This Lifetime" tour was the winner in the "Top Tour/Top Draw" category, beating U2 and COLDPLAY. The group was also up for the "Top Boxscore" award, which went to U2. For a complete list of winners, visit Billboard.com. "Not In This Lifetime" has reportedly grossed more than $400 million since its launch a year and a half ago. About seventy people travel with the show in addition to the truck drivers; that number goes upwards of five hundred, including the local workers, by show date once catering, security, etc. are factored in, according to the tour's production manager, Dale "Opie" Skjerseth. GUNS kicked off its long-rumored and long-awaited reunion tour in April 2016 with a club show in Hollywood and appearances in Las Vegas and at California's Coachella festival. The "Not In This Lifetime" tour features classic lineup members Slash (guitar), Duff McKagan (bass) and Axl Rose (vocals) backed by guitarist Richard Fortus, drummer Fank Ferrer, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and new second keyboardist Melissa Reese. Photo credit: Katarina Benzova

PAUL STANLEY Says Next KISS Album 'Would Have To Be Something Different'

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 19:00

Paul Stanley says that he is unsure about making a new KISS studio album, explaining that the band's next record "would have to be something different." KISS hasn't released a full-length disc of new music since 2012's "Monster", which sold 56,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 3 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous LP, "Sonic Boom", opened with 108,000 units back in October 2009 to enter the chart at No. 2. This marked the KISS's highest-charting LP ever. During a question-and-answer session on this month's "The Kiss Kruise VII", Stanley was asked for his thoughts on the prospect of recording a new KISS CD. He said (see video below): "I don't know. If we did another album, it woudn't be like… It would have to be something different. The idea of doing the same thing again, I think we've done it enough times." Stanley had expressed uncertainty about the idea of making another KISS album in a number of other interviews, telling the "Loudwire Podcast": "If we're going to do an album, it would be because we want to do an album, not because of sales. I think we're living in a time, obviously, now where albums don't sell what they once did, so you either do it because it's a creative outlet and because it satisfies something in you, or not. If you're doing it purely for sales, then you're probably doing it for the wrong reason. So if we do an album, it's only gonna be because it feels right to do it. And as time has passed, I find it becoming more and more enticing, the idea of doing another album. For me, the only thing we have to make sure is that we don't do 'Son Of Monster' or 'Son Of Sonic Boom'. Unless we are in a different direction — not to go to the route of 'The Elder' [KISS's much-maligned 1981 concept album] — but, again, if we're doing it for ourselves, then if people like it, that's great. But the only way to do an album, for me at this point, is to do something that I find intriguing. So I'm kind of more into it than I was before, only because once you set the parameters and your expectations… So, for me, it really just comes down to: is it gonna be exciting creatively?" Paul's bandmate Gene Simmons recently confirmed that "some writing" has been going on for a possible new KISS studio album but once again said that he was "not incentivized" to release another KISS disc unless there are some major changes in the way music is consumed. He said: "Not too long ago I wrote a song called 'Your Wish Is My Command'. It sounds anthemic, like something that might have come off 'Love Gun', maybe. But I'm not incentivized. The idea that you work your ass off and then someone with freckles on their face decides they want to download your music and file share — that's not what I work for. How'd you like to be a plumber, come over somebody's house and work all day to fix their plumbing and then when it's time to get paid, they say, 'No, I just wanted to say thank you.' No."

New STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Singer Is 'Blessed And Very Honored' To Have Been Chosen

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 19:00

New STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer Jeff Gutt says that he is "blessed and very honored" to have been chosen to front "the LED ZEPPELIN of my generation." The one-time "The X Factor" contestant was announced as the third frontman in the group's history on Tuesday evening (November 14) prior to the band giving a special performance at the Troubadour nightclub in Los Angeles. A new STP single, titled "Meadow", has already been released, with a full-length album to follow in the spring. "I've had some time to get used to the idea," the 41-year-old Gutt told the Daily Tribune in a new interview. "I was just sitting on the sidelines watching it all unfurl and knowing what was going to happen before anyone else did. I knew I had a secret I was about to reveal, which was cool. "It's a very strange feeling, but at the same time I'm blessed and very honored. It's like joining the LED ZEPPELIN of my generation. I feel like I'm living in a movie." Gutt, who was a runner-up in the reality TV music competition show's third season, originally auditioned for STP in September 2016 and became an official member of the band in May 2017. He has spent the last year secretly writing and recording new material with band members Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz. STP had been without a vocalist since November 2015, when Chester Bennington — who joined the group in early 2013 — departed to spend more time with his main band LINKIN PARK. Bennington committed suicide last July. Scott Weiland, who reunited with the group in 2010 after an eight-year hiatus but was dismissed in 2013, died in December 2015 of a drug overdose while on a solo tour. Gutt told the Daily Tribune that he feels ready to both honor his predecessors' legacy and bring something new to the band. "I don't really feel that pressure," Gutt said. "I was studying Scott when I was coming into singing myself, and I learned so much from [listening to] him. It was fun to incorporate all those things in my own way and still sing true to Scott's stuff and really keep that as true as I could." Gutt appeared on "The X Factor" in 2013, where he impressed the judges with his covers of songs like "Creep", "Dream On" and "Hallelujah". Prior to that, he fronted the bands DRY CELL, ACRYLIC, PUNCH and BAND WITH NO NAME and later formed a group called RIVAL CITY HEIGHTS. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS recently completed recording their seventh full-length studio album and first since 2010. The as-yet-untitled effort was produced by the STP members themselves and is currently being mixed by FAILURE's Ken Andrews.

AT THE GATES Begins Recording 'Darker, Richer And More Raging' New Album

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 18:00

Swedish melodic death metal pioneers AT THE GATES have entered Parlour Studios in the U.K. with producer Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, THE HAUNTED, DIMMU BORGIR) to begin recording their new album. The follow-up to 2014's acclaimed comeback effort, "At War With Reality", will arrive in early 2018 via Century Media. "We are finally hitting the studio and are super excited about this!" says AT THE GATES frontman Tomas Lindberg. "The songs have been worked on in such detail for the last seven months and we can't wait to put them down to tape. "Russ Russell was actually the runner-up for mixing 'At War With Reality', and we really wanted to work with him on this one. He has what we are looking for when it comes to sheer loud, blunt heaviness. "This is going to be a darker, richer and more raging album than the last one. It has so much more real AT THE GATES emotions on display, and I would say it has the same approach lyrically as the feeling of 'The Red In The Sky Is Ours'. More of a red album than a blue one. Can't wait for people to hear it!" A first video report from the studio, featuring AT THE GATES drummer Adrian Erlandsson doing a drum set-up run-down for the recordings, can be seen below. AT THE GATES recently announced the addition of guitarist Jonas Stålhammar to the group's ranks. He joined the band as the replacement for co-founding guitarist Anders Björler, who left AT THE GATES in March. The band said in a statement: "We were looking for someone who had the same reference points as we do, someone from the same path, so to say, who understand the greatness of both AUTOPSY and KING CRIMSON. Of course, it was essential that our new member could fill the shoes of Anders performance-wise as well, but that was never an issue with Jonas. We were looking for someone with a deep understanding of what AT THE GATES are about, someone who could contribute creatively to the band." Stålhammar is currently a member of THE LURKING FEAR, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, BOMBS OF HADES and GOD MACABRE. He previously played in ABHOTH, UTUMNO and MACABRE END. AT THE GATES 2017 is (left to right in photo): Adrian Erlandsson - Drums Jonas Björler - Bass Tomas Lindberg - Vocals Jonas Stålhammar - Guitar Martin Larsson - Guitar

URIAH HEEP To Enter Studio With Producer JAY RUSTON

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 18:00

Legendary progressive rock band URIAH HEEP is set to commence the recording of its brand new studio album (the 25th in the group's storied career), which will be titled, appropriately enough, "Living The Dream". "We have been together for 47 years and we have seen many bands come and go, so in effect we are 'Still Living The Dream,' so it was the perfect title for the new album," says URIAH HEEP guitarist and founding member Mick Box. Jay Ruston has been called in to produce the album. Mick says: "We chose Jay because we admire his work with THE WINERY DOGS, STONE SOUR, BLACK STAR RIDERS, Paul Gilbert and EUROPE. Jay has either produced, mixed or both for these bands, and he will bring a fresh approach to HEEP, which we are very much looking forward to." The plan is release the album through Frontiers in fall 2018 (release window subject to change). The band is beyond excited with the material written for the new album, which will include some epic additions to the band's huge catalog of rock staples and looks forward to sharing it with their fans around the world. In the meantime, the band has announced four Canadian tour dates, with more shows in the works. "The mighty HEEP are proudly able to tour in over 61 countries and we look forward to a packed touring schedule in 2018. Touring is in our blood and what we have a passion to do, and so 2018 is no exception," concludes Box. A full tour in support of the new release will be announced in the coming months. Asked in a recent interview with Gulf News how URIAH HEEP has been able to weather the lineup changes and handle the different personalities of the members over the decades, Box said: "I guess when anyone joins HEEP, there is already a firm template musically in place, so they just respect that and take that on board and fit in. Personality is very important and we all need to get on as we tour in over 60 countries, so we see a lot of each other. Right now we have a great blend of personalities and a very strong creative force, so we are all happy." Mick also looked back on URIAH HEEP's five-decade career, saying: "It has been an amazing journey and there is no sign of it letting up. I have been blessed to be still doing what I love and the other boys all agree. We have fans all over the world who have been extremely loyal, and as each decade passes, we gain more and more young fans, which is wonderful. When a young fan shouts out please play 'Gypsy' and the song is older than him or her, then you know you have done something right. There is no better place than to be on that stage." URIAH HEEP is: Mick Box: Guitars, Vocals Phil Lanzon: Keyboards, Vocals Bernie Shaw: Lead Vocals Russell Gilbrook: Drums, Vocals Dave Rimmer: Bass, Vocals

LARS ULRICH On METALLICA's Post-'Hardwired' Plans: 'We Just Wanna Get Back To Making Records And Continuing'

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 17:00

During a career-spanning interview on November 5 at 92Y in New York City, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich was asked where he sees the band five years from now. He responded: "We're on a roll. We're having the time of our lives. [METALLICA's latest album] 'Hardwired[… To Self-Destruct]' came out a year ago. Touring's great. The model that we've sort of set up for ourselves is a model that makes what we do work for us. And when I try to explain it to other people and other bands and so on, they often look at me like… We do everything very sporadically. We finished [the most recent European leg of our tour] in Belgium two days ago; we were out for two and a half weeks in the trenches, hitting hard, and now we have a couple of months to sort of recharge our batteries. "We're gonna keep playing the same amount of gigs on this tour that we have on previous tours, but we just do it over a longer period of time," he continued. "So five years from now, I would say that… We've got hopefully a couple of years left of touring on this record. And then we just wanna get back to making records and continuing. "There's absolutely no reason for any of this to slow down other than physical ailments," he said. "Shoulders, necks, knees, throats — all that stuff — if all that stuff stays healthy, up here [points to head] we're fine, as mental as ever. But if we can stay physically healthy, we should hopefully be able to do this for another 20 years. So hopefully five years from now, we'll be deep into making the next record." Ulrich told the WJRR radio station earlier in the year that producer Greg Fidelman was at least part of the reason for the overwhelmingly positive response to "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct". "Greg, who engineered this record, who co-produced it with James [Hetfield, guitar/vocals] and I, who was responsible for all the sonics and the mixing and all that, he's been with METALLICA now for over ten years. He knows us, and he knows how to make us sound the way we should sound and maximize kind of our thing. And I think that he's a significant reason for all the goodwill that's coming back our way in the last [12] months since this record came out." In a separate interview with HardDrive Radio, Lars said that "you can never discount the energies of the universe and how things are aligning and the right record [being released] at the right time" when it comes to the response to an album. "If this record came out two or three years ago, maybe it wouldn't have been received [as well]. Do you know what I mean? There's something about the musical landscape — what everybody else is doing, how your record correlates to what everybody else is doing and so on. So it's a lot of those factors." The European leg of METALLICA's "WorldWired" tour kicked off in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 2 and ran through November 3. After a break, the trek will pick up again on February 1, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, and continue through May, finishing up in Helsinki, Finland.

Video Premiere: A PERFECT CIRCLE's 'The Doomed'

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 16:00

A PERFECT CIRCLE has released the official music video for "The Doomed", the first new music to be heard from the band's expected 2018 album. The clip, which was directed by Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn, arrives as the band is in the final two weeks of its North American tour. A PERFECT CIRCLE also recently announced its first European tour in 14 years. Upon arrival of "The Doomed", singer Maynard James Keenan said: "Fourteen years have passed since we released 'eMOTIVe'. A new release is long overdue. In light of this current difficult and polarized social, spiritual and political climate, we artist types need to open our big mouths and share the light a little louder." "Years of life experience has brought our music to this moment," offered guitarist Billy Howerdel. "We know where we came from. Deeply connected to the path we're on." A PERFECT CIRCLE recently announced it had signed a worldwide recording deal with BMG and is in the studio working with producer Dave Sardy on the follow-up to "eMOTIVe". Back in April, A PERFECT CIRCLE debuted a different new song, "Hourglass", at a concert in St. Louis. The band's lineup remains unchanged from 2013. Joining Keenan and Howerdel once again are James Iha on rhythm guitar, Matt McJunkins on bass and Jeff Friedl on drums. During the time that A PERFECT CIRCLE has been mostly on hiatus, Howerdel launched an act called ASHES DIVIDE, while Keenan toured and recorded with TOOL and PUSCIFER while also running a winery. A PERFECT CIRCLE's three previous albums are 2000's "Mer De Noms", 2003's "Thirteenth Step" and the aforementioned 2004 covers collection, "eMOTIVe".