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Synaptik "The Mechanisms of Consequence" Reissue Brain Spark edition remix

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are really excited to announce the Re-release, Remixed and Remastered version of debut album of prog metal band SYNAPTIK from England.
The album titled "The Mechanisms of Consequence" Reissue Brain Spark edition remix, contains 9 songs in vein of technical Progresive Metal, featuring Alan Tecchio ex Hades and Watchtower as special guest..
The digital release will be available on December 30th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

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BLACK STAR RIDERS - release lyric video!

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 13:00

There’s a beautiful purity to the finest rock ‘n’ roll, a thrilling simplicity in striking an over-amplified guitar chord, a transcendent joy in getting high on just volume, adrenaline and a backbeat. BLACK STAR RIDERS, lifers in an industry less secure than a secret in a soap opera, understand this, which is why »Heavy Fire«, the quintet’s latest UK Top 10 album for Nuclear Blast Entertainment, sounds so fresh and exhilarating and alive. The band are currently coming to the end of a run of well-received European summer festival dates with new drummer Chad Szeliga. Just prior to their “special guest” slot at the Ramblin’ Man Fair on July 29th, BLACK STAR RIDERS are pleased to present the official lyric video for the track 'Cold War Love'. The song is a smouldering and reflective ballad, packed with the band's signature sound and soaring riffs. Check it out over on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ItGsO0ED4C4 Speaking about the track, Ricky Warwick commented: "You can't fix yourself by breaking somebody else." Formed in 2012, BLACK STAR RIDERS signed their first contract with Nuclear Blast Entertainment in the same year. Under the banner of the independent label, the band released three critically acclaimed albums: »All Hell Breaks Loose«, »The Killer Instinct« and »Heavy Fire«. BLACK STAR RIDERS' latest album »Heavy Fire« gained worldwide success reaching: #6 UK in the National chart, #11 in the German National chart, #91 in the USA Current Top Albums. Get »Heavy Fire« here: http://nblast.de/BSRHeavyFireNB Get »Heavy Fire« digitally: http://nblast.de/BSRDownloads

METALLICA's LARS ULRICH: 'If I Could Hear PHIL RUDD Play 'Enter Sandman', That Would Be Awesome'

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 03:00

In a brand new interview with Forbes, Lars Ulrich was asked which drummer he would hypothetically want to play in METALLICA while he watched. "That would probably have to be Phil Rudd from AC/DC," Lars responded. "If I could hear Phil Rudd play 'Enter Sandman' or something like that in his pocket, his groove, that would be awesome." Ulrich's latest comments echo those he made back in May when he told Baltimore radio station 98 Rock that he would pick Rudd to take over behind the kit for METALLICA if he was no longer able to play drums in the band. "He's been probably my main, biggest source of inspiration when we did the turn-away from the super-progressive stuff, the crazy stuff after 'Justice', when we got into the 'black album' and the 'Load' stuff, when it got a little more about the bounce and the riffs and the feel and the groove and all that," Lars said. "Phil Rudd, he's the top of that pyramid. Hearing Phil Rudd play behind James [Hetfield], that'd be pretty cool." Asked by 98 Rock if he could imagine a scenario where one member of METALLICA could no longer go on and the other three had to decide whether to continue with a replacement, Ulrich answered: "I think a lot of it would have to be under what the circumstances were… If somebody leaves, it's hard for me to imagine that we would not go, 'You know, we've had a great ride for thirty-five years.' But if somebody encourages the other three guys to continue, or there's an injury... I'm just saying you never know what the circumstances are." METALLICA has had relatively few personnel changes in its 36-year career. The band replaced guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney with Kirk Hammett and Cliff Burton in its early days, while Burton's death in 1986 led to the hiring of Jason Newsted. That lineup remained stable until Newsted's exit in 2001, but with the addition of Robert Trujillo in 2003 the band roster has been the same for fourteen years and counting. As for Ulrich's hand-picked replacement, Rudd was ousted from AC/DC in late 2014 after being arrested in his adopted home of New Zealand on charges of drug possession and threatening to kill. He has since gone through therapy and rehab and has expressed interest in returning to AC/DC, but has been recently touring behind his solo debut, "Head Job". The North American leg of METALLICA's "WorldWired" trek will hit stadiums in nine more cities before ending in mid-August. The next stop on the tour is Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Wednesday, July 19.

VINNIE PAUL Repeats Debunked Story Of How PANTERA's 'Vulgar Display Of Power' Cover Was Created

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 02:00

Former PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott spoke to Meltdown of Detroit's WRIF radio station about the twenty-fifth anniversary of the band's classic "Vulgar Display Of Power" album. "Well, it's one of those milestones that I never thought about when I was 27 years old when we were making that record, or whatever it was," he said (hear audio below). "It was just one of those things that we were in the moment. We were non-stop touring, and we really never realized the impact that that record had on the whole heavy metal genre and everything. And looking back at it, man, it really was a groundbreaking record and it really kind of set the tone for what heavy metal turned into." He added: "It's a record that modern-day heavy metal bands still A-B their records to. They love the guitar sound, they love the drum sound. And the thing about the record that really made it great were just the songs. They had the groove, they had the attitude, they had amazing lyrics. It was just something that was really ahead of its time in 1992." Vinnie also talked about the "Vulgar Display" cover, which consisted of a real photograph of a fist unashamedly belting a man's face in the most outrageous, yet expressive way possible. "When we first described the concept to the label, they brought us all these pictures of all these boxers and stuff, and we were, like, 'No. It's gotta be street, man. It's a street-level thing,'" Vinnie said. "So they did the pictures, and then, obviously, that was the one we wound up using. And it really did work — it was perfect for what it was." According to Paul, PANTERA's record label, Atlantic, paid the man on the cover — an alleged fan of the band — "ten dollars a punch, and from what I understand, they hit this guy, like, thirty times, so he made three hundred dollars and disappeared back onto the streets of New York, and his face has been pasted on about ten million records around the world, man," he said. The drummer added that he has "never seen the guy" or "met the guy" that ended up being on the front of "Vulgar Display". "Hell, who knows if he's even still alive," Vinnie said. Back in 2012, Canadian web site PureGrainAudio successfully debunked the popular legend of how the "Vulgar Display" cover was created after contacting photographer Brad Guice, who set the record straight about the photo shoot that resulted in the iconic image. "[The man on the cover] was never punched. The legend is totally false," the New York-based artist said. "Someone made that up and had a good laugh about it, I am sure. The real image was professionally produced in a photo studio with it being well thought out and executed." Regarding how the man for the photo shoot was chosen, Guice said: "I called every model agency looking for a long-haired model. They were very popular back at that time. They were so popular that they were all booked on shoots, traveling on editorial jobs to the Caribbean etc... None available! At the last second, I believe it was the Ford model agency that called and said they had a model flying in from Los Angeles and could come by my studio for a casting. He showed up and was perfect. The model's name was Sean Cross." Guice added that the actual session required plenty of technical preparation and planning. "It was a very rehearsed setup... with the fist moving and pushing the model's face hard to achieve the look, but not at all punched," he said. "I shot the image in color. First, I used strobe (lights) in the foreground to stop the motion, and tungsten spots in the background and hair for the dramatic movement through a drag/time exposure. I had a strong fan to help blow the hair to help with movement. I needed to play with the camera's shutter speed, and my own moving the camera with the so-called punch to get the desired effect of movement and a feeling of reality. I also used a lower camera angle to make for a more powerful dramatic view." "Vulgar Display of Power" was certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 2004, signifying shipments of more than two million units in the U.S. since its February 1992 release. Interview (audio):

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Guitarist Says There Was 'No Satisfaction' In Being A Replaceable 'Hired Gun'

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 00:00

The new rock documentary "Hired Gun: Out Of The Shadows, Into The Spotlight" received a one-night showing on June 29 at several hundred North American locations through Fathom Events. The film chronicles the story of world-renowned musicians who are not household names, but are instead the session and backup musicians who have performed at concerts and on countless recordings with huge stars yet remain largely unknown to the public. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Jason Hook, who came up as a session musician himself through stints with Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff, Vince Neil and Alice Cooper, teamed with filmmaker Fran Strine to make the film happen. During a recent appearance on "The Morning Blend" on Las Vegas ABC affiliate KTNV, Hook stated about "Hired Gun" (see video below): "Basically, the movie focuses on musicians that are hired to play for celebrity artists. I used to do hired-gun work before I got into FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, so I had my own story to tell. But I also know so many musicians myself that I could call up for their story. So right away I knew I could get my hands on some good content." Hook said that he wanted the film to be an accurate depiction of both the glamorous side of being a sideman and the lifestyle's considerable downsides — such as the pay, which can often be minuscule, and the fact that you can be as disposable as toilet paper. "My experience was that, growing up, I was, like, 'I wanna be a rock star. I wanna be famous. I wanna be on the big stage under the lights,'" he said. "So I found myself in that situation playing… I was with Hilary Duff, Alice Cooper — these big gigs — but then I started thinking, 'This really has nothing to do with me, and I'm replaceable.' So I'm, like, 'I get the feeling, but it's shallow. It's not the deep feeling. There's no satisfaction.'" Hook also talked about the "sheer-terror" moment when he realized it could all be taken away from him in an instant. "What happens is you can make some good money being a hired gun," he said. "So you start to see this income. I'm, like, 'Well, I have never had money. So now I wanna have nice things. I wanna have a car and a house, and I'm gonna grow up now.' But the thing is, at any given moment, they can just shut the gig off. And I learned that the hard way. I had these major bills, and all of sudden I read the e-mail that says, 'Nothing personal, but we're taking the artist's career in a different direction, and thank you. Best of luck.' And I'm, like, 'No no no no no. This can't happen. I just bought this place. I have this massive mortgage payment.'" The documentary goes behind the scenes and explores the personalities and creativity of the best session players and backup musicians in the world. Among the artists interviewed are JOHN MELLENCAMP drummer Kenny Aronoff, former OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Rudy Sarzo, ex-METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted, KISS drummer Eric Singer, guitarist John 5 from Rob Zombie's band, TOTO axeman Steve Lukather, ALICE COOPER guitarist Nita Strauss and many more. Hook told The Pulse Of Radio about the common theme that runs through the movie. "Everybody we talked to had like one 'holy cow' story — some good and some horrific — about their experience playing their instrument for some artist," he said. "And so what we found was that if we strung all these 'holy cow' moments together, we ended up with a 'holy cow' movie."



Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 23:00

Former CANDLEMASS singer Messiah Marcolin joined AMON AMARTH on stage at the Gefle Metal Festival in Gävle, Sweden this past Friday, July 14 to perform the AMON AMARTH song "Hel". Fan-filmed video footage of his appearance can be seen below. The studio version of "Hel" appears on AMON AMARTH's "Deceiver Of The Gods" album, which came out in 2013. Asked by Metal Discovery how the Messiah collaboration came about, now-former AMON AMARTH drummer Fredrik Andersson said: "I think he and our singer [Johan Hegg] met many years ago and just became friends, so he came up to one of our shows in Stockholm and we ended up on the bus, drinking all night and talking about doing a duet with him and Johan. And nothing really happened about it but, when we wrote the music for this song, it has this doomy feeling and we felt that would be the perfect opportunity to call him in. And he was still up for it." AMON AMARTH is continuing to tour in support of its tenth studio album, "Jomsviking", which debuted at No. 19 on The Billboard 200, having shifted 21,000 equivalent album units in the week ending March 31, 2016. "Jomsviking" was released on March 25, 2016 via Metal Blade in North America and Sony Music internationally. The first concept record in AMON AMARTH's storied career tells a tragic tale of love and revenge, backed by the Swedes' trademark melodic, anthemic metal, which was produced and mixed once again by Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, ACCEPT). The epic original story is set in the world of the Jomsvikings, the legendary order of mercenary Vikings. Jocke Wallgren was named AMON AMARTH's new permanent drummer last September. Jocke had been sitting behind the kit for all shows on the group's current "Jomsviking" world tour.

COREY TAYLOR Is 'About At 95 Percent' A Year After Undergoing Spinal Surgery

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 23:00

Cutter of Razor 94.7 conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor prior to the latter band's July 15 performance at the Rock USA festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. You can now watch the chat below. Asked how he is doing physically, about thirteen months after he underwent emergency spinal surgery when it was discovered that he had been walking around for years with a broken neck, Taylor said: "I'm doing okay — slowly but surely making progress. I'm about at 95 percent. I had [the surgery] about a month or so after I quit smoking, so that's my grade. It is what it is. When you have a surgery like that, you can't do all the stuff that you usually do physically, so I gained a little bit of weight and stuff, so I've been trying to fight that off, and I'm kind of still trying to find that flexibility. But you'll see tonight — it's still a physical show. I've gotten it back for the most part, but I'm still working on it." Taylor added that performing with STONE SOUR is not necessarily any less demanding than touring with SLIPKNOT. "We're running all over the stage, [doing] a lot of headbanging," the singer said. "I've got my swivel back, which is cool." He continued: "Our goal is to be that crazy-attitude party band, like VAN HALEN. That's what we wanna be — that band that you come to see and have fun, and yet it's still tough, it's still got that attitude. That's what we're into." STONE SOUR is touring in support of its new album, "Hydrograd", which rocketed on to the charts, debuting at No. 1 on three Billboard lists: Top Current Albums, Top Rock Albums and Top Hard Rock Albums. "Hydrograd" also debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, marking the band’s fifth consecutive Top 10 debut on that chart. Furthermore, "Hydrograd" debuted at No. 5 in the U.K. (the band's highest debut ever in that country), No. 2 in Australia (highest debut ever), and was Top 5 in Germany, Japan and Switzerland. STONE SOUR is currently on an epic summer trek alongside fellow Roadrunner recording group KORN. Dubbed "The Serenity Of Summer Tour", the trek is set to continue through early August.

JUDAS PRIEST's New Mobile Game, 'Road To Valhalla', Is Available Today

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 20:00

Sony Music Entertainment and legendary heavy metal band JUDAS PRIEST have announced that "Judas Priest: Road To Valhalla", a new mobile game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available in the App Store. The app features stunning new visuals and gameplay set to the iconic songs "Halls Of Valhalla", "Breaking The Law", "Turbo Lover", "Electric Eye", "Painkiller" and "You've Got Another Thing Coming". "Judas Priest: Road To Valhalla" innovates by making isolated song stems (drums, vocals, guitar) from the 2016 "Battle Cry" album available to players exclusively within the game. Using an innovative visual mechanic, players must fill "stem meters" to construct the full song and progress through each level of the game. "When we set out to make this game, we wanted to give fans a new kind of visual listening experience," said JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford, who also appears in a series of exclusive video clips throughout the game. "For the first time, we are making individual stems of our songs available to fans to give them a new and interactive way to engage with some of the best songs from our catalog." "Judas Priest: Road To Valhalla" is a joint collaboration between Judas Priest, Sony Music Entertainment, Trinifold Management LLC UK and Babaroga, a leading mobile game studio. Says JUDAS PRIEST: "Metal maniacs, are you ready to join JUDAS PRIEST on the Road To Valhalla? We are excited to have you take charge and lead the way on the bike and the tour bus! Let the molten metal mayhem begin with the thrill of the ride! Can you claim victory on this perilous journey that leads you into Valhalla?" As previously reported, JUDAS PRIEST is putting the finishing touches on its long-awaited follow-up to 2014's "Redeemer Of Souls" album. Helming the sessions for the new disc are the band's longtime producer Tom Allom, acclaimed British knob-twiddler Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, TESTAMENT, ACCEPT) and engineer Mike Exeter (BLACK SABBATH).

ACCEPT: Third Trailer For 'The Rise Of Chaos' Album

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 20:00

The third trailer for "The Rise Of Chaos", the new album from German/American metallers ACCEPT, can be seen below. The disc will be released on August 4 via Nuclear Blast. ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann told Spain's MariskalRock TV about "The Rise Of Chaos": "It was recorded by the same team as the last three albums — it was Andy Sneap producing and Mark Tornillo on vocals and Peter Baltes [bass] and myself in the band. We have two new members, but other than that, it was recorded and written exactly the same way as all the other previous three albums. [It was] recorded mainly in Nashville, mixed in England. And, yeah, we took all of last year to write the songs, and I think it sounds [like] typical ACCEPT." Regarding the "The Rise Of Chaos" title, Wolf said: "The title just seemed to come out of nowhere. It really seems to fit the times that we live in. It really means the world is getting more and more chaotic, and that's what we feel like. So when we had the [title track], it seemed to just fit the times that we live in. It's not really about any chaos in particular, but if you look at politics nowadays, there's chaos; if you look at the global warming or the climate change, that's chaotic; or a lot of the Syrian crisis and the refugees in the world, there's so much chaos around us. So that's what it is about." Hoffmann told Finland's Kaaos TV that ACCEPT's goal is to continue writing music as if it sounded like it was created thirty years ago. "Absolutely, and if you want it to sound like it sounded back then, you've gotta use what you know worked back then," he said. "That's how we've been doing it back then, so we're doing it still the exact same way. I want it to sound somewhat old-school and '80s, only with a modern touch and modern sound, fresh ideas and all of that. But, really, the core of the music should be like back in the '80s." The cover artwork for "The Rise Of Chaos" was created by the Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák and can be seen below. The follow-up to 2014's "Blind Rage" is the first ACCEPT album to feature the band's latest additions, guitarist Uwe Lulis (GRAVE DIGGER, REBELLION) and drummer Christopher Williams. ACCEPT parted ways with guitarist Herman Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann in December 2014.

ENSIFERUM To Release 'Two Paths' Album In September

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 20:00

Finnish folk metallers ENSIFERUM will release their seventh album, "Two Paths", on September 15 via Metal Blade Records. Produced by Anssi Kippo, the disc was recorded on tape, for a true analog experience. The first single from the album, "For Those About To Fight For Metal", can be streamed below. You can't talk about the true greats of folk-inspired melodic death metal without reverent mention of ENSIFERUM, and with "Two Paths", they once more affirm their place in the pantheons of the genre. Further building upon the thrilling metallic hybrid honed across six full-lengths, "Two Paths" is simultaneously the Finnish quintet's most epic and far-reaching collection and their most organic, which definitely sets it apart from the pack. Additionally, the album literally takes the concept of "Two Paths" to heart, with two different versions of standout tracks "Don't You Say" and "God Is Dead". "Even though ENSIFERUM has always had clean vocals and choirs, harsh vocals have been the main style, and those songs worked so well with both styles that we decided to include both versions," explains bassist/vocalist Sami Hinkka. With Mikko P. Mustonen again handling orchestral arrangements and Lassi Logren returning to play nyckelharpa and violin on a few songs, Hinkka is also more than happy that they brought "more bombastic orchestral and down to earth folk aspects" to the record, further fleshing out their vision. This also applies to the contribution of Gyula Havancsak, who provided the artwork for both "Two Paths" and its predecessor, "One Man Army". "It was really nice to work with him again because he always wants to hear our ideas and then he adds his own magic and improvements to them, and the result is always astonishing," says Hinkka. "Two Paths" track listing 01. Ajattomasta Unesta 02. For Those About To Fight For Metal 03. Way Of The Warrior 04. Two Paths 05. King Of Storms 06. Feast With Valkyries 07. Don't You Say 08. I Will Never Kneel 09. God Is Dead 10. Hail To The Victor 11. Unettomaan Aikaan 12. God Is Dead (Alternative Version) 13. Don't You Say (Alternative Version) From September 27 onward, ENSIFERUM will present "Two Paths" live on stage, splitting their European tour into two parts. The first part will be in September with six dates in three countries, and then in April 2018 there will be an extended tour through many more European countries. In between that time, ENSIFERUM will visit all other continents. ENSIFERUM is: Petri Lindroos - Vocals/Guitar Markus Toivonen - Guitar/Vocals Sami Hinkka - Bass/Vocals Janne Parviainen - Drums Netta Skog - Digital Accordion/Backing vocals

VINNIE MOORE And GUS G. To Join Forces For 'Gunslingers' Tour

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 20:00

Guitar wizards Vinnie Moore (UFO) and Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE) will hit the road for some shows together in November and December. This is Moore's first solo tour since 2015, and will mark the first time these two powerhouse players have toured together. The show will feature music from both guitarists' impressive catalogs. Says Vinnie: "Gus and I met years back in Greece. I brought him up onstage to jam a couple tunes with me and we had a great energy together and had a blast. I knew that night that I would like to do some shows with him at some point. He's a very talented guitarist. Am really looking forward to some Gunslingin' with Gus." From his first release, "Mind's Eye", in 1987 through 2015's "Aerial Visions", Vinnie Moore has set the standard for instrumental guitar albums by delivering soulful songs that feature his signature crackling guitar solos along with memorable melodic lines. Gus comments: "Touring with Vinnie Moore is yet another dream come true for me. His album 'Mind's Eye' has had a huge impact on me as I consider it somewhat as a shred guitar 'bible.' I spent countless hours learning his licks as a teenager. We met and got to jam few years ago and have become good buddies since. I'm looking forward to returning to the U.S. and playing guitar for you and sharing the stage with Vinnie! See you soon!" Gus's latest solo album, "Brand New Revolution", was recorded with Jay Ruston (STONE SOUR, ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER) and mixed by Mike Fraser (METALLICA, AC/DC, VAN HALEN, AEROSMITH) and featured various vocalists, including Mats Levén (CANDLEMASS), Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE), and Jacob Bunton (ADLER, LYNAM). Tour dates are as follows: Nov. 28 - Derry, NH @ Tupelo Music Hall Nov. 30 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom Dec. 01 - Detroit, MI @ Token Lounge Dec. 02 - Joliet. IL @ The Forge Dec. 03 - Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall Dec. 06 - Sellersville, PA @ Sellersville Theater Dec. 07 - Brooklyn, NY @ St Vitus Dec. 08 - Stanhope, NJ @ Stanhope House Dec. 09 - Somerville, MA @ Once Ballroom