If you are experiencing any problems with the site there is a chance it's answered here. If not, you can make a post in the support forums or contact us directly. If your question could help others it will most likely be posted here.

I have trouble getting the videos to play.

The video player requires that both flash and Javascript is enabled and functional in your browser. Make sure you don't have any browser addons that interferes, like Flashblock or NoScript add-on for Mozilla Firefox. If you just see the loading icon in the middle of the video your browser doesn't have flash enabled.

How do I add a content (videos, wallpapers, etc)?

In order to add content you must first sign up for an account. Once signed up you can add content to existing bands, so if the band isn't listed on the site you must first add the band. Once the band is added you can add videos and other content in reference to that band.

Note: Videos can not be directly uploaded at this point, but we support various 3rd party services such as YouTube and Daily Motion.

Sorry for the short help section, more will come... until then, please refer to the first paragraph. Thank you!