The Short Story

METALSITES.net is a website dedicated to Heavy Metal music and it's sub-genres. The site has been online since 2000 (that's more than 10 years!).

The Long Story

Is too long and not much fun...

The Name

The name METALSITES.net came from the fact that this website originally was a link archive for metal websites, so the name seemed natural. The site has since then grown in all directions and from January 2011 the site has evolved into a community. There are still a whole lot of METAL and a whole lot of SITES, so the name is kinda on topic even today.

Guidelines for writing the name
"METALSITES.net" must always be written in full, including ".net" (with the dot). The word "metalsites" should always be in capital letters (uppercase), and the word "net" should always be in lowercase. Acceptable options are all uppercase, or all lowercase.

The Author(s)

Doesn't have any inspiration at this point...


New Logotype

This is the new logotype for METALSITES.net. Came to life along with the changes in January 2011.

METALSITES.net Logo 2011 - 300x46

Image path: http://www.metalsites.net/files/logo/metalsites-logo-300x46.png