Unipolar Manic Depressive Psychosis


In July 2012, the band released its debut material. ‘Psychodelicus Decibeli’ contains 9 tracks available from Bandcamp: http://umdp.bandcamp.com/

Unipolar Manic-Depressive Psychosis is an initiative started in 2006 by lunatics from the south of Poland, associated with the metal scene from early nineties of last century. Different styles and fascinations, past and present teams of each of us, individual perception and approach to early phenomenons inducted ass’n’brain kicking (separately or simultaneously) sounds. We are not interested in any frame or cliche. We do what we love and we are aware of (by widely available means and substances) the existence of love and hate in us, depression and euphoria, peace and explosions of uncontrolled aggression.

2013 sees beginning new album production and the changes in the band - Gielo fills in on guitar.

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