Ritual of Odds


RITUAL OF ODDS was formed back in 2003. the bands first name was EXISTENCE EDGE and the line up at that time was different except from GEMINI and MIKKI who were two out of the three founding members.

THE WIZARD and LITTLE DAVE are in the band since 2005. Each one of the band members has different kinds of music influences though all end up in the same name... METAL.

RITUAL OF ODDS released a promo c.d. in 2006 named "building up the underverse" which included three songs ("of time and scars","razorcross" and "chronicles of an inner war") and a remix of the song "Of Time And Scars". Due to the bands low budget there were only 100 copies of the promo.

RITUAL OF ODDS are in progress creating their first album. A full length studio album that is about to be released after the second half of 2007.

WIZARD - Vocals
MIKKI - Bass
GEMINI - Drums

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