Back in 2002, Ekaitz and Bortx started jamming together, giving the first steps as a band. They started looking for a singer as none of them had the kind of voice required, and in july of that year, they contacted David, who entered the group as the singer and guitar player. Some months later, they found the drum player they needed to close the group and Tito entered it.

They started composing the songs of what would go in "Hutsa" (their first cd) and first gigs were scheduled. Realizing they wanted not to only use traditional instruments, Bortx started programming synths and samplers, reinforcing their music. One of the band members then had an accident and, because of that, the recording of first cd had to be delayed. Finally, in september of 2003, they went to Sonido XXI studios where they recorded it, helped by San Martin brothers.

Sergio from eraso! helped the band and did song on the track which would give the name to the cd: "Hutsa". Apart from that, Alber Nekrotech (Nekrotech, Bounzin...) also helped the band programming the samplers of disc's first single "Ni naiz".

In june of 2004, first cd "Hutsa" was distributed under Oihuka's label.

In september, the videoclip for "Ni naiz" song was shooted with Fran Araujo director and it was severaly played on different television channels, receiving very good comments. Gazte Sariak (from EITB channel) nominated the video as best basque video and, though they didn´t finally win it, no doubt the nomination itself was a great success for the band.

In august of 2004, Alber Nekrotech remixed "Ni naiz", giving to it a more danceable vision.

In 2005, without quitting giving concerts, the band started composing and preparing next album and in november they entered the studio (Sonido XXI again) and recorder their second cd "Arima eroslea" (soul buyer).

This time, they had some more colaborations: Luisillo (Skalariak), Layla (Nok), Brigi (Koma), Alber (Nekrotech), Iker Sanchez and Igor Fdez. Each one of them would give their distinctive touch to a song, which would help making a much more richer album.

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Band influenced by Fear Factory, Pantera, Rammstein, Testament etc... which recorded their first album back in 2003 ("hutsa").

Video "Ni naiz" (I am) video from "Hutsa":
Watch video at youtube.com

Recently have published "Arima eroslea", which can be heard at their website.

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