Dormitory Effect


Four New York women, Susan, Meredith, Urith and Gee paid their dues in such bands as Perseverance, One Step Beyond and Sympathetic Magic. Influential and instrumental in showing that metal was not just for the boys, these ladies have wowed audiences with their sheer talent and knack for writing aggressive, yet memorable material. After years of mutual admiration and guest appearances, they decided to take on the world as a united force - Dormitory Effect.

The effect has been impressive. In the short time since their official launch, Dormitory Effect has received kudos for both their live and recorded performances. Dormitory Effect was selected to perform at the Rockrgrl Conference in Seattle, becoming the second highest draw for the entire event. They were a standout at Toronto's prestigious North by Northeast Conference, putting on a blistering performance. They have been a featured live act on comedian Jim Breuer's Sirius satellite radio show, "Breuer Unleashed”. The band was also listed in the Garry Sharpe-Young book “The New Wave of American Heavy Metal”. Because of their ability to put on a jaw-dropping show, Dormitory Effect was invited to open for such acts as In This Moment, Suicide City and Jamey Jasta.

Their CD, "Wealth of the Disease" showcases not only the group’s formidable musical chops, but also their strength as songwriters and uniqueness as a band. Their song, "Let This Cease" is being featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming independent film "Dark Victory". Other songs from the CD enjoy regular spins on both terrestrial radio stations such as WBAB and WUSB and Internet radio, and XM satellite radio.

The music? It is melodic, yet heavy, propelled by a voice that is considered one of the best. A sound that celebrates the old while embracing the new. Powerful grooves articulated with a level of musicianship that well exceeds expectations. Thoughtful, emotional lyrics. A live show that is infamous and never disappoints.

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