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Thrash - pure, uncompromising thrash. This is the credo of Winnipeg, MB based Alphakill. You will find no lyrics about dragons and wizards. This is metal the way it was meant to be: Heavy, fast, loud, aggressive, and fury-inducing. No ballads, no weakness.

Formed in the summer of 2010, Alphakill was founded by Justin Stear(guitar/vocals), Derrick Kroll(drums), and Jon Warren(guitar/backing vocals), on the premise of creating something heavy and fast. The three began writing for what would become their debut album - Unmitigated Disaster. The riffs were fast, the solos blazing, and the drums were bombastic. At the time there was no bassist and no vocalist. After trying out one Oldskool Rhodes(White Trash Heavy Metal), it was decided that Justin could and would double his duties, and thus Alphakill had it's frontman. Derrick was still the full-time Evil Survives drummer whilst the bassist search commenced. Sam Martz, who was also part of Evil Survives, would join Alphakill briefly. His time in the band would be short-lived as Jesse Skoleski was willing to commit himself to complete the foursome that is Alphakill.

By early 2011 it was evident that things were going to get a lot better. The debut live performance of Alphakill was set for May 21 at the long-standing Royal Albert. Sadly, that very day spelled the end of a landmark Winnipeg music venue as flooding claimed the historical hotel/bar. Nonetheless, the gig went on at an alternate location with Alphakill opening for EVIL SURVIVES and STRIKER. This was the first of many gigs throughout Winnipeg in 2011, as well as an introduction to the road with a show in Saskatoon alongside fellow thrashers UNTIMELY DEMISE.

Shortly after hitting the road for the first time, the band commenced preparations for the recording of their debut album. Production began in Derrick's basement in September of 2011. With Jon Warren at the helm and the rest of the band chipping in, drums were done in Alphakill's jam space with the rest of the recording done in Jon's basement. By early February 2012, Unmitigated Disaster was recorded. Jon then spent the next couple of months editing and mixing the album, after which it was sent off to Sonic Train Studios in Sweden for Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND) to master.

June 23/2012 marked the official release of Unmitigated Disaster. The CD Release was held at The Zoo, where they were joined by WHITE TRASH HEAVY METAL, NOIR, and PUTRESCENCE.

2012 saw many milestones for Alphakill. The band had released their first album and played many a show to expose themselves to a greater audience. But as the year came to a close, so did a chapter in Alphakill's existence. Jesse could no longer fulfill his obligations in the band, and was thus fired. Alphakill was left without a bassist...temporarily.

As of January 24/2013, Alphakill have their new bassist. Jon Anderson has become a part of the Alphapack. This new part of the thrashening holds much promise....

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